By Travis Thompson

Cambodian environmentalists from Siem Reap headed three hours into the forest surrounding Srayang Dorm to help PLF students better understand Mother Nature. The 32 students living at the dorm (supported by PLF Canada) learned how to identify the bird species

Srayang Dorm students spot birds using high-tech binoculars.

living in the protected forest areas surrounding their home, where many of the birds and animals are endangered.  Students also learned how to identify different trees, and how to care for them properly in an environment where many of their neighbors are contributing to logging which is tearing down the forest.

They played games identify types of birds nearby.

By itself, environmental ed is imperative for these students, but it’s even more crucial because, after high school, many of the students will lead lives and go into work that directly deals with their natural environment.

Environmentalists from Sam Veasna Center in Siem Reap not only taught interactive classroom lessons at Srayang, but also led the students on a bird-watching trek in the forest near the dorm.  Students used SVC’s high-powered, high-tech gizmos to spot birds, then identify them by matching them with pictures and descriptions in a resource book.