By Travis Thompson

Two long-time Ponheary Ly Foundation supporters are at it again, making a 10,000-mile journey in a classic car to benefit PLF students in Cambodia.  This time they’ll drive from one of the southernmost cities in the world across daunting terrain in five countries of South America.

PLF supporters Adrian and Barbara Shooter from the U.K. will begin their journey February 14 in a 1930 Model A Ford.  They’ll go from the southern tip of South America up through Chile and Argentina before crossing parts of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.  

Through their fundraising site, the Shooters are raising money along the way that will support PLF students through scholarship programs, technology initiatives, bikes, food, school staff incentives and more.

This massive trip across South America will be filled with many challenges, one of which was shipping the car to South America from England.  The Shooters are up for challenges though,  they’ve done this before.  In past years, they’ve driven a classic car 10,600 miles  from Peking, China to Paris France.  They’ve also driven 11,000 miles from Savannah, Georgia, USA to Alaska, USA.

Click here to follow their updates from the road.