Sometimes volunteers and/or tourists organize field trips for groups of 20 students from one of the three schools. We start with grade 6 and work our way backwards through the ranks during the school year. We were very happy to get down into the fourth graders this year; that marks a record number of field trips.

The students always look forward to these outings, no matter where they go. This time, it was to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, followed by lunch at Khmer Kitchen, a walk around the Old Market area and the highly rated “Lucky Mall” where the kids play in a bouncy room and experience things like escalators, sliding glass doors and air conditioning.

Ponheary enjoying watching the students play with the fish


While at Angkor Wat, we were delighted to see many of the students taking copious notes!

If you’d like to sponsor a field trip in the big bus, please get in touch. Seeing these sacred sites though the eyes of these students puts a new perspective on your own experience with the temples.