By Farida Mot, Field Director

Last week PLF crew spent three days at Srayang Dorm and brought with us the first computers that the students there have ever seen.

They're looking the laptop

Srayang Dormitory Students

This is the first time that the students at Srayang Dorm start to learn how to use the laptop. Those laptop were bring from Tchey Computer Lab. They’re start to learn and how to charge the laptop with how to plug in the new solar energy and starting with the program also.

Those laptop have been in use at Tchey school since 2008. It’s really use for the child and now have been taken to Srayang for the students there. The thing we like is the one laptop that they can use or learn by themselves without the teacher but the PLF team need to introduce about the danger because all of the students didn’t know about the electricity which came that same weekend with the solar. The special things in the program that we’re focus is the typing in the laptop that it’s will be improve their English language also.

They're learning how to use the laptop

After three days the students can know about the program and know how to write or typing in those computer. It’s not only one in typing. They can use Paint program, music, take video or photo by the webcam of those computer. They’re clever to find something in the computer by themselves and they like it so much but the really they didn’t forget about their study too. They have to do the first thing is the studying, the second thing is complete the homework from school and after that they’re start to learn and research in the laptop all together.