Tchey School has been running the computer program for 3-1/2 years now and the earliest students from that project are now assistant teachers at the lab. There is one class of advanced students; they are in grades 10-12 and return each saturday and sunday to study in the lab. Yes, they are the geeks.

Recently Diana Gross, the “Traveling Teacher” came to work with this class on storyboarding and videography. The crowning achievement of the week was a video by Soy Sen and his team highlighting the problem of a lack of working wells in his village. Response to his video was enormous and resulted in contact from a well builder who will arrive in May to help Soy Sen and his team fix the broken wells and add some new ones.

Diana Gross at Tchey Computer Lab

Read more on this amazing project on Diana’s website and be sure to take a moment to see some of the student’s work. Many many thanks to Diana for this big push forward.

Water Wells in my Village

A Day in My Life by Nary

My Future Dreams by Sothy