Yikes~! We have been remiss in failing to report on a mid-year distribution of uniforms and shoes to all 2500 of our students as well as to the students at Bamboo Shoot Girls Dorm & the Little Angels Orphanage. PLF students were happy to receive a second round of Tom’s Shoes in addition to their second set of uniforms for the year, and we were very happy not to have to spend money on shoes~!  Donations totaling just under $10,000.00 were allocated to this particular distribution, and we are very grateful to friends of the Foundation that pitched in to fund this very important effort to help keep our students looking sharp~


Keeping these children equipped with uniforms, shoes, books and supplies  has always been at  the heart of our mission, because it was Ponheary’s private mission before there was a PLF and for good reason. Children without school provisions can’t go to school. Our work with the children and their teachers doesn’t end with clothes and supplies, but certainly nothing else can happen until that first obstacle has been overcome.

Special thanks to Ponheary and Alin for all that measuring and list making.
Not a task for the faint of heart. 🙂