The PLF was recently the recipient of 20 digital cameras, which have become a valuable component to the field trips that visitors often sponsor. Last month a field trip was organized by Tami Cho and her children for a group of 5th graders from Knar School.

The day’s activities began with a tour of Angkor Wat and the Bayon after which a big lunch at Khmer Kitchen was enjoyed. The vast majority of the students have never been to Siem Reap, so a bit of a stroll around town was in order, followed by a trip to Lucky Mall to ride the escalators, see their first grocery store, experience Air Conditioning, sliding glass doors and all manner of modern wonders that they know exist but have never seen for themselves.  The rest of the afternoon was spent in the cool bliss of the National Museum where they learned more about the history of the Khmer Empire.

We’re especially proud of the student’s photography and find it amazing that we can put a camera in their hands, give them 5 minutes of “training” on it’s use and then just set them free. Seeing things through their eyes is especially insightful and fun. All these photos and more have been processed and are in the student’s hands as a remembrance of their day. To Tami, Kyle, Josh and Hannah, the students send their thanks!

You can imagine how many photos 20 students took during the day, here is just a smattering. Click on the first photo to begin a slideshow.