In February we were very pleased to have Kim Kaufmann and Chris Gooderham arrive from Vancouver to sponsor a bike clinic. Many of the children’s bicycles are ancient hand-me-downs from someone else in their family and in much need of repair.

Chris and Kim rose to the challenge of accessing about 70 bikes and buying all the necessary brakes, cables, tires, seats, baskets and bells to give them a good overhaul. They were also kind enough to buy the tools we would need to keep at school and continue to keep the bikes in good order.

Chris Gooderham Knar bike clinic 1   Chris Gooderham Knar bike clinic 2

Chris Gooderham Knar bike clinic 3

Even more valuable than getting all the bikes repaired is that Chris took the time to teach the children how to fix the bikes themselves, so we’re looking forward to the next clinic which the children will manage by themselves. By the way anyone reading this might want to bring along a big magnet so we can find all the bolts and screws we lost in the sand!