Hank Brittain and Tammy Schaff returned to Siem Reap for their second visit, this time sponsoring a field trip for 20 students from Koh Ker School. <div style=”float: left; width: 320px;”>[portfolio_slideshow timeout=5000]</div>

The students boarded the bus in Koh Ker at 5am and arrived in Siem Reap in time to join Hank and Tammy and PLF volunteers for breakfast. Everybody enjoyed visiting several temples in the Angkor Wat complex until the mid-day at which time they returned to town for lunch at Khmer Kitchen, followed by a walk around town, including a stop in a shopping mall to ride the escalators and enjoy the view from the the top floor of the building. These children have never been to a city as large as Siem Reap so experiencing things like multistoried buildings and all the locomotion of city life were all new experiences for them and widely enjoyed.

After a full morning of complete overstimulation, the students were taken to the Western Barai for a bit of relaxing and tubing in the water.  A big thanks to Hank and Tammy for sponsoring this event. See you next year~!