The kitchen at Knar School is an outdoor affair where breakfast is cooked for the kids 6 days a week. There are 3 in ground stoves that burn wood. Rice is cooked here every morning and served with fish and sometimes the vegetables grown in the gardens at the school.

The grass roof sustained some damage over the rainy season this year and with so many holes in it, the rain poured in. This makes cooking over a wood fire difficult! In addition the clay stoves had begun to crumble under the weight of the large pots that sit on them every morning. We also wanted to level and extend the concrete surrounding the water well.

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The Stimson Family of Houston, Texas was one of our first sponsors at Knar School and they rallied behind the repairs of the kitchen at Knar. Here are the pictures of the new metal roof and the concrete extension around the well and the new stoves.

We’d like to thank the Stimson family for the donation that made these repairs to the kitchen possible.