Sen’s Team Enters Goodtube Film Competition

Hello my name is Soy Sen. I am part of a video project supported by the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Siem Reap Cambodia. We are a youths groups video maker trained by Diana Gross, the Traveling Teacher.   I am a Cambodian student who made the video called Water Wells in My Village.  After that, we continued to make one  information technology video called  “I Am One” and submitted it to Goodtube for the Video Competition.

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Field Trips and Excursions

A valuable part of any student’s school experience is an old-fashioned field trip. Around here, there are plenty of amazing things for children to see and learn about, from the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat, to natural wonders such as Phnom Kulen, all the way down to being dumbstruck by sliding glass doors at the Lucky Mall. Our students are no different from any other anywhere in the world;  inquisitive by nature and always ready to get away from their desks for a day.

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A Very Wet Opening Day

The October monsoon season was a record breaker with 3 major floods occurring in Siem Reap in as many weeks. For 5 weeks the city and surrounding area were under a meter of water and the PLF team was challenged greatly by the logistics on how to deliver supplies and uniforms to 2500 students, make as many lunches and deliver bikes, prizes and backpacks.

Normally opening day of school occurs the first week of October. This year, it took until November 7 to get the job done, with Wat Bo School being the last to dry out.

We are very happy to welcome our 2500 students back to school!

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