TEACHER BLOG: Cambodia's Sports

By Saveth Chhean

 In Cambodia sport is not popular yet because a lot of people they don’t think that sport is important to them. They do not get any money from sport.

Presently we have around 40% of the people who like sport but if they want to play, they have to spend money. They like volleyball and some football.

Football in the countryside is not so popular but in town it is.

However volleyball in the countryside is very popular as it is in town. Now the Ponheary Ly Foundation has started to focus on sport in Cambodia.

In the year 2013 we have five sport teams: 2FOOTBALL (girl and boys), VOLLEYBALL (boys), HIGH JUMP (only girl), LONG THROW (only girls), LONG JUMP (girls and boys).

We entered the provincial tournament from 2013 until 2014. In 2014, we have four sport teams: FOOTBALL (boys), LONG JUMP (girl and boys), MARATHON RACE (girl and boys), and HIGH JUMP (girls and boys).

The Ponheary Ly Foundation also supports their uniforms and transportation at all times when they go to the race.

In 2013 football ranked number three, long jump ranked number one, high jump   ranked number one and marathon race ranked number four.

In 2014 football ranked number three, high jump ranked number one and long jump ranked number one. Next year we will enter the tournament again in Siem Reap. We hope we can improve on these results and the teams are training more at school.


We hope the students understand the value of sport because sport is good for both fun and their compete.

I hope in the future that Cambodia will be competitive with the rest of the world. There are many sports developing in Cambodia and the Foundation recognizes this. Therefore we are working hard to get as many students involved in sport as we can.



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