STUDENT BLOG: Young Girls In My Village

By Seiha

Kok Snoul Village is not far away from Siem Reap town, maybe 10km. Many children do not go to school. One reason they do not study is because parents have less money for children to go to school and parents look to economic benefits of children working as construction workers because they can make a small salary for the family.

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The people In the rice field

Some girls stop study because the family tells them it is better for the man to study. So the girls stop study. The parents do not think about the girls’ future. In my village not many girls stop study for these reasons. For you to stop study and work the salary is 10,000 riel ($ 2.50) a day. The first step is they stop learning.

Some of the girls not study because of a love affair. At the time of love affair they do not study they only think of the love affair. When the boys separate from the girls some girls kill themselves and die of sadness and shame.

Women who have no education have to work as cleaners, construction or massage workers. They are treated badly because they have no education. Nowadays girls can do anything they want, doctor, teacher, receptionist, prime minister, film maker, writer, school director… as like a man too. But, some women with little education may face many problems with their husband. Issues such as challenges of violence and anger from the husband because women have no knowledge about such problems. When the parents use violence when their children are little the child may follow them when they are older.


She Is Working

Some parents have no knowledge if the children don’t go to school. They always want to know but child tricks them. They do not understand the consequences there. When the children not attending study they brush with drugs regardless of family wants. Drug addicts just cause damage to people and society. So we women must struggle hard to learn. We women must not let the loss of boyfriends stop us from study. We can be prime minister as in Thailand, who is a woman.

Benefits of the study are we want to learn and we can share knowledge to others and the whole family. We also make our family happy and proud when we find work easy. When we die people will know we did well. So all parents should send daughters to school.


She was cutting rice in the ricefield

Finally, I am happy because I share what’s new to society and the country. I request all women to want to attend to study. The girls in the country and abroad should not think about love and if parents not have money the children should still learn and go to school.




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  1. Wonderful Sheiha. You are an inspiration. I wish you good luck with your studies and hope that life will bring great things for you.

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