GUEST BLOG: A Note from Srayang Volunteer Torsten Tabel

By Torsten Tabel

I am writing as a volunteer at Srayang Dormitory. I would just like to share my experience and send thanks to all that are a part of this project, to all who assist in making the project happen by a one time or many times donation. I have the fortunate opportunity to see the progress of these students on a day-to-day basis. In doing so, I appreciate what has been created here.

I’ve learned a great amount from these 32 students about what it’s like to come from a place where there was very little future beyond their immediate surroundings. Now they are looking at the world in a different light because the light within them is shinning through. They  are changing their world in a way I find hard to put words to.

It is the most powerful experience to witness and be a part of. Their radiance and confidence to face this new world is evident each time a visitor shows up. Providing a setting like the PLF Canada dorm for these students to have the freedom to grow into themselves is paramount in breaking the cycles many of these students were born into. When you give someone space free of worry about shelter and food, you open the door to the horizon. These students here in Srayang are proof of what happens when people are given access to those opportunities.

Torsten helping with environmental education at the Dorm.

From the bottom of my heart I want to THANK EVERYONE who has made this possible; I am in the deepest of gratitude to all of you. Your part is extremely vital in allowing more students to follow this path. We are creating a world of opportunities.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of it.

Much Love and Light from Srayang!


To hear the story of Srayang Dorm, watch the short, PLF student-made documentary below, “Sunflowers of Srayang”.