Student Media Team Launches into Documentary Projects

By Travis Thompson

The Ponheary Ly Foundation student media team from Tchey School, led by PLF Media Education Directors Sokha Khoun and Diana Gross, is spending the week at our most remote school location to begin shooting documentaries.The student media team members have worked for weeks to prepare their plan for shooting video, conducting interviews and putting the documentaries together.  Along they way, they’ve learned a lot of new lessons about telling stories, writing and speaking English, and using new technology.

The documentaries will focus on telling the stories of our students who live at the PLF Srayang Dormitory (funded by PLF Canada).  The students at Srayang face many unique struggles in order to gain a primary and secondary school education.  In order to tell the world their stories, the student media team from Tchey School is creating the documentaries to enter into international contests.

The student media team will spend the rest of the week at Srayang Dormitory.  It’s about a three-hour drive from Tchey School, so they’ll stay there until they’re finished shooting video and interviews. After this trip, and as the editing process continues, we’ll update you!

Stay tuned…

PLF Media Education Directors Sokha Khoun and Diana Gross lead a discussion at Srayang Dormitory.

Srayang students and their house mother listen to the Tchey student media team.