The Land Down Under Plans to Boost PLF Reach

By Travis Thompson

Amazing folks from Down Under are preparing to expand our reach to more of Cambodia’s poorest students.  Hop on board, Ponheary Ly Foundation Australia is taking off.

PLF Australia Country Coordinator Jane Dinnison has been volunteering with, and supporting, PLF for several years.

For years volunteers and supporters from Australia have spent countless hours on the ground in Cambodia with the PLF.  Just this month we’ll be hosting more than ten Aussie volunteers who will be involved with teaching classes and building individual teacher capacity at our schools in northwest Cambodia.  From Adelaide to Brisbane, and Melbourne to Perth, we’re feeling the love from the Land of Oz.  Now, we’re bringing that love to our students with a powerful new fundraising arm of the PLF: Ponheary Ly Foundation Australia.

Already, Aussie support is powering innovative solar projects at our schools, new technology implementation, healthy food preparation and distribution, books, uniforms, bikes and more.  We dream of making this contribution even greater, especially at Knar School, with even more support from Australia.  So, if you’re in the Land of Oz, join us in our journey to break the barriers to Cambodian public schools and create a better future.

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