Tchey Media Team Covers Global Float Dance

The first Global Float Dance was held in Siem Reap and 25 other places in the world in July. The Tchey Media Team has just been learning about the ways in which social media can be used to share ideas and mobilize people, so PLF transported them to Siem Reap from the countryside to document the event.

The Global Float Dance took place across 18 time zones in 25 locations around the world. Participants met at the designated place at at a specific time, pushed play on their mp3 players, simultaneously starting a playlist that was uploaded from a server several hours before the event. All nations participating sent a few of their favorite dance tunes to be mixed into the final playlist, so revelers got to listen and dance to music from all over the world.

L-R: Srey Ya worried about how dark it is, Sen and his team setting up for interviews, Sothy interviews one of the revelers.

L-R: Sopha gets in the mood with some face paint, Sen and Sothy picking up some audio and camera man Samoun keeping the equipment dry.

Back at the classroom at PLF HQ, Travis Thompson helps the bloggers with some translations and Jika Gonzalez oversees some post production.

Look for a story about the Global Float Dance by the Media Team as soon as we can get some Lab time in!

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