The Victory of Girl Volleyball Team at Angkor High Dorm

By Farida Mot, Field Director

In February 2012 the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport celebrated a sporting event for all of the government schools in Siem Reap Province. Competing in the event was a team from the Bamboo Shoot Dormitory, all of whom attend Angkor High School.

The first match with Teacher Training School team

The girl’s volleyball team lives in Angkor High School Dormitory and are supported by their high school and parents, NGO2 and PLF. The girl’s team has twelve players and they all study in grade 11. In the team have two girls that came from Preah Vihear Province and ten each came from another district of Siemreap Province; most of them are from villages more than 50 km away. They have practiced volleyball since last year and been coached by a professional high school sports coach from Kampong Thom Provice.

In 2011 the team got the silver trophy (2nd) of Siemreap Girl Volleyball Championship. In this year 2012, they got three matches with 4 schools and they won all of three matches. The first match of them started on 11th with Teacher Training Center School. The second match started on 16th with Wat Chork School and the third match started on 18th with Dom Dek School. the team received the gold trophy (1st) on 28th February 2012, the day of closing event.

PLF Volunteers go to support the girl on the second match and congratulation with their victory

After that they got invited by the government to challenge The Girl Volleyball National Championship at Kampot Province. The event will take place in two weeks and join by all of girl volleyball team from all of province in Cambodia. They will go on 25th of March to there.

We’re proud of them that they join in the National Competition. Their transportation, eating and sleeping are sponsored by Ministry of Education Youth and Sport. Our Foundation wants to sponsor to them around $225.00 USD for sports drinks and snacks for the two weeks there.