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Happy scenes from our distribution days as we have been prepping students for the return to school!

In order to bring the schedule back in line with pre-Covid times, the government pulled forward the start of the new school year by a month to early December. This is a good move to get back to the original calendar, even if it has required a very fast turnaround, with the previous year ending only in early November. 

This has meant not much holiday for students, and a whirlwind for our team to get all the supplies prepped, bundled, and out on the road to all 8 locations in time.  

But we did it! And by the looks of our students’ smiles, they are ready for class again. 

It has been really heartwarming to see so many parents join the opening day events, especially lots of DADS in our Preah Vihear locations.

Books, stationary and new uniforms for all students – tick! Backpacks and new bicycles for graduating Grade 6 – tick!


All ready for the new year ahead!

Want to walk alongside our students in their journeys but not sure how? Here are some of the really useful ways you can support our mission!

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