555The family is a small society in the country. The family was made from man and woman after they married. In the house the family always has a master. ?Some families can have men or women equal? but the majority have only the man who is a master of the family The woman is a homemaker because the majority of women’s work at times are repetitive tasks for every day. In Khmer language we call these tasks “vichcheame phteah”, the work of the woman which needs to be done in the house.


The tasks of women are to clean the house, to cook, prepare clothing for their husband and children, speak gently, and manage the children’s free time to give them advice and take care of the assets which the husband earned.



She has to take care of her husband and children and cook healthy food for the family. She believes her own experiences of cooking are very important for every housewife in the family. When husbands have a housewife who is interested in her family the husband and children can eat very delicious food. A husband also helps his wife as it is not an easy task for women.



IMG_0169In summary “vichcheame phteah” is important for all women in the country. I have written this article to educate young woman about the procedures available to benefit the children, wife and parents. Eventually, I hope that this article will help some of you too.? Even though Cambodia is changing and developing, the traditional roles of women are still important in our society. To be able to cook, clean, and look after the family still has a place in Cambodian culture.