By Chantra

In this world we have a variety of crops for cultivation and sale in the markets and that can be used daily. There is a crop we need a lot of, which is chilli.

The chilli has the way to grow. First the chilli seed must be hung to dry in the sun.  Then it must be sowed in good soil. We need to leave it then for fifteen days, and then we withdrew it and plant where we have pits prepared. Once planted, we have to water it every day.  As it grows we need to dig around the plant and put natural fertiliser such as cow dung, poultry manure or compost, which brings a lot of dead leaves.

Then we can collect the chilli for our cooking requirements for daily eating and it is also a way that can help us in reducing our daily costs.

In summary, we find that chilli is very important for housewives or chefs in the restaurants and also for selling in the market. However, we must take care in the planting and maintenance of growing chilli’s so that we don’t have to import them from abroad. We can develop the techniques ourselves to help our nation to prosper.