If you love this festive season and are keen to spread the cheer to Cambodia, please know that the amount of joy you get for giving is multiplied tenfold when our PLF students are caught up in the excitement of receiving, especially when it’s books!

We received an abundance of toys last year from donors sharing their holiday spirit.

This year PLF would like to change the focus for donations to be on BOOKS, both for learning and for fun!

Although our students parents will have probably never done much reading, our students have picked up a love of books and we are hard pushed to keep up the supply to fill their desire to read.

Cambodia books are not expensive so even small Christmas donations are very helpful to place new books on the library shelves at three of our schools.

For an idea of the cost of books as per photo above:

  • The “Little Bird” book is $1.70
  • Cambodian Cultural book is $2.00
  • Astrology book is $2.00
  • Egyptian History book is $2.00
  • Cambodian alphabet is $2.60

Any donation will keep variety alive and assist feeding our students desire to read!

Thanks for your help!