By Sothy

This is an event that the students at Chey School prepare for the competition for the SPELLING B. They are very excited about that event. Because that is a new game and it also a competition to find who is the best spelling too. However there is so short time to practice the words for this game.

 Practice the competition

All of students are learn so hard for they want to join the game. However, it is as that hard, but they are committed to learn as much as they can do.  That is not an easy game  because it is the second language for them and they have to learn many words for the competition.

On Thursday 12th we divided students in to two group and let them have the competition for choosing ten students to go to the final. Some students are disappointed when they lost the game. In contrast the student that go to the final are very excited to join that. So after we have chosen the ten students we also have a big snack together and it is a very good time with some student are singing for our celebration. The students are lucky that have the help from Ms Holly Richter.

She helps for the rule of the SPELLING B and some technique to play in the game. She is very good on that job and the students are join with her so much, even though I am a teacher and I want to join that competition as well.

The competition is between Khnar School and Chey School on Sunday 15th December, so it is so close to the game and both school’s students are almost ready for the game. This is a new game and the students are supposing to see that event on Sunday and to see who is the winner and the best at spelling.

I think that is a good opportunity for the students to share their experiences and learn from the other student. Especially to see how strong they are, and how strong of the other students. I hope that it is a very good time and it going to run smoothly. I am truly to tell is I want to see the competition because I do not know about that game and other one is I want to see who is the winner. Let’s continues to see with me and I will show you what happen on the competition day.


Sothy is a graduate of Pouck High School in Siem Reap Province and a Tchey School alumni. He is currently a student at Pannasas Tra University and teaches English to 5th and 6th students at Tchey School. He continues to study technology through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. If he could go anywhere in the world for a visit, he would go to Australia to see the opera house.