By Sothy

Students not only learn in their class and from the teacher, but they also learn from other people. It is more opportunity to get a variety of knowledge such as working in groups, by researching, or joining the debate. All of these concepts are very necessary for improving our general knowledge.

Joining the Meeting

Since some students like to share ideas and discuss about their opinion, that is a good time to join all of these concepts. Sometimes we learn about the other people and how do they socialize in the society.  Generally some of Cambodians study in the group likes reading club, listening club, and other skill, as they want. It will help a lot for their general knowledge.

As to my experiences, when I was in high school, I did not learn so much about the other people surrounding myself. I just learned from teachers and by reading the book. Now there is a difference, for I am a student in the college, I have joined a lot of debate and the other workshop and discussion so I learn a lot to do research for supports my ideas.

Listen to the meeting

Moreover I get a lot of new ideas from my partners and other people too. It might teach me how to be confident with myself. For the first time that I go to debate, I was very nervous and afraid to the other debaters, especially the audiences who are lining to our topic. I felt like how do I answer to them when they have questions and how do I prove my answer to them and make them accept my ideas.

Join the debate



However, in the second time or the third time was not strong as the first time. The other benefit from joining all of these actions is I can get a little bit about how to be good public talking. Also I can be a presenter about the assignment that we have to present in the class as well.

At the end I hope that all of Cambodian students work hard and join the other activities beside the classes. Sometimes we can be a volunteer to help the other people such as teaching, wealthy, or farmer.



Sothy is a graduate of Pouck High School in Siem Reap Province and a Tchey School alumni. He is currently a student at Pannasas Tra University and teaches English to 5th and 6th students at Tchey School. He continues to study technology through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. If he could go anywhere in the world for a visit, he would go to Australia to see the opera house.