By Travis Thompson

Armed with iPads, the PLF student media team has been in the field, shooting bio videos of dozens of Grade 9 students who might be able to continue secondary school on PLF scholarships if the program can find support from corporations, businesses and family foundations abroad.

PLF student Sen using an iPad to work on a bio video at a Grade 9 student's home.

The PLF scholarship program will grow by at least 75 students in the 2013-2014 school year and we’re working every angle to take funding for the program to the next level so that students don’t have to be turned away.  In the past year, the PLF scholarship initiative has been wildly successful as it’s increased graduation rates and increased the number of students continuing school past Grade 9.  All of this was made possible by your undying support and fundraising efforts.  We know how much sweat our donors have put into this project already, asking friends and loved ones to donate, saving your extra cash and sending it to us. But, we realize now, that in addition to your financial support, your public relations support is just as important.

We need any possible connections to corporations, grants, businesses, family foundations and big chunks of funding that can push our scholarship program to reach even more students who are already on our doorstep.  We know you’re giving all you can and we wouldn’t be here without that.  But, now, we need you to put us in touch with organizations we can apply to for funding.  We understand that these types of personal connections to the big companies are the difference between getting their attention and not getting a glance.  If you have one of these connections, please e-mail us as soon as possible ([email protected]), as we can’t waste a minute in our endeavor.

Media student Reasey and Chenda shoot iPad video of a Grade 9 student.

In the meantime, our student media team will continue shooting the video bios of the incoming students.  They’ll edit the short videos for us to distribute via social media and the internet to potential donor companies, corporations and grantors in the coming months.  The process is good practice for the student media team as it’s requiring them to conduct interviews, shoot and edit stories and create compelling media for a crucial initiative.

Thank you again for your continued support of the PLF scholarship program.  We look forward to hearing from you and being in touch with your connections 🙂

Media student Sopha shoots iPad video of the family and home of a Grade 9 student.

Family members of the Grade 9 students were very curious about the iPads.