By Bunpha

If you are very hot and want to be cool, you can go to Baray to swim, sleep, eat and relax your friends.

DESTINATION: Baray Resevoir

LOCATION: 12 km from Siem Reap by road 6


Baray is a Reservoir near Siem Reap. Baray was built in the 11th century by King Suryavaman I and finished later by Udayadityayarman II. It is approximately 8 km by 2 km wide. In the center of Baray Resevoir is the Mebon temple. and from dam to Mebon is approximately 1.93873km. The water travels 41km from Kulen mountain which is approximately 41km and continue go to Tonle sap it have far approximately 63km from west Baray to Tonle sap. Baray is a bank water for the farmer to make the farm from dry season until rainy season and many people live a round there can plant crops and other vegetable more than that it is a resort tourism for the people want to visit the baray they can buy the drink, fish, rice to eat for lunch and rent place near edge of a body of water to eat rice then to sleep and they can swim or fishing and rent the boat to visit Mebon Temple.

You can buy food at Baray.


  • Swim = free
  • Eat : chicken=20000 riel ($5) ; fish = 16000 riel ($4) ; rice=1000riel,cold drink=2000riel,beer=3000riel
  • Place in hammock =5000riel
  • Fishing = free
  • Visit Mebon temple by boat = 20$


At Baray, we do not wear bathing suit that are too small. Women always wear a tshirt, not showing their shoulders, and long shorts to their knees. Men wear long shorts, and sometimes a t-shirt, sometime not.
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