By Travis Thompson

Our amazing donors have helped us award nearly 100 scholarships for secondary school students.  Still, a handful of PLF students remain in need of a scholarship. Without your help, they may face challenges that force them to leave school.

Below are the students who were waiting on a scholarship, but have since been funded because of a quick response from one of our awesome donors, Anna Rowe, in the United Kingdom.  However, just below the pictures, our special needs students are still waiting for support.

Special Needs Cases


All of the students below are either orphans or receive no help from their families. Because of the sensitivity of these situations and the nature of the students’ aloneness, we are not revealing their names or pictures, but they are in great need of your help.  All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

1.)  An 11th grade boy is living on his own to attend high school in Siem Reap.  He receives no help from his family.  He needs $40 a month to eat.

2.) Five disabled, orphaned students who study in grades 3 through 8 live in shelters.  The entire group of five needs a total of $80 a month for food.

3.)  A student studying in her first year of university in Siem Reap is being supported by PLF to attend classes, but she has no money for living.  She needs $50 per month for food.

4.)  Two women are studying at university in Phnom Penh on government scholarships.  However, the scholarships don’t cover living expenses.  Each woman needs $70 per month to eat.

5.)  A  PLF student who finished high school needs his living expenses covered while he attends technical training in Siem Reap.  He’s living at a construction site now, making a very small wage.  Help with money for food and a place to live is necessary.