By Travis Thompson

We’ve just sealed a pretty sweet deal for people in the United Kingdom who make a donation to The Ponheary Ly Foundation. 

People or companies from the U.K. can now make a one-time or recurring donation by going to our brand new U.K. page powered by Virgin Money Giving.  It’s specifically made for donors in the U.K. so that when they give money, Gift Aid from the U.K. government can be reclaimed and passed to us in full.  That means U.K. donations will be maximized and go even further to put new kids in school and create a brighter future for Cambodia.  Of course, if you’re donating from anywhere else in the world, we continue to have the same easy avenues for sending support our way.

The Ponheary Ly Foundation relies solely on private donations and support.  The funds PLF receives are used to buy supplies, shoes, and uniforms for more than 2,500 primary and secondary school children, to pay monthly stipends to teachers, to support breakfast programs in rural schools, and power technology education initiatives.

Also, bicycles are awarded to students who are top in the class and go on to secondary school.  Full secondary school scholarships are awarded to students who wouldn’t be able to stay in school otherwise. Additionally, your money could be used to help with medical emergencies, or help with any number of special projects that come up from time to time.

Visit our new U.K. donation portal: