By Travis Thompson

Volunteers and donors often say Cambodia and The Ponheary Ly Foundation stick with them.  PLF volunteers Adrian and Barbara Shooter were so impacted by their experience with us that they went the extra mile, make that 10,000 miles from East Asia to Europe by car, to raise money for our schools.

The shooters drove their vintage car from Peking, China to Paris collecting money for the PLF along the route.  Once they returned home to England, British company AMT Coffee noticed the couple’s epic accomplishment.  One of the company’s founders was so taken by the cause, he wanted to help raise even more money for the PLF.  So, he donated the proceeds of one day’s drink sales at his London coffee kiosk.

On that day, one of the company’s founders brought in a magnificent cake from one of London’s top patisserie shops.  And, the Shooters took their 1930 Ford Model A, which was in the same condition as when it returned from the world journey, to be displayed.  Because AMT Coffee raised a very significant amount of money for the PLF that day, company founders were inspired to keep going.

AMT Coffee has has now placed collection boxes adorned with a picture of the students at Knar School on more than 70 coffee stands throughout the U.K.  The small change collected in these locations continues to bring in major funding for the PLF.  We can only hope other volunteers and donors are so inspired that they take the initiative to start their own creative fundraisers.  AMT Coffee, along with the Shooters, continue to improve our students’ lives daily.

Look out for Barbara and Adrian, you might see them on the road.  A friend of the PLF (pictured below, on the right) who used to live in Cambodia spotted the couple in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  Barbara (pictured below, on the left) and Adrian were in the midst of another fundraising road trip from Georgia to Alaska.

Our 2,500 kids send a big, heartfelt thank you to AMT Coffee, and the Shooters, for doing so much to help.