We are very pleasant and gratefully for this project in the well fixing and rebuild supported by the Eugene Nelson from Blueheart Charity. On May 14th 2012 he arrived in Cambodia with his friend to observe the water well situation in Kok Snoul village in order to fix and rebuild the wells for school and our village.

By Soy Sen

Formerly, we are hopeful to get enough clean water. After we started to make the movie with the travelling teacher, we just made the water well video. Naturally, we’re relieved to find someone to help.

With free admission please enjoy the ” TRAILER VIDEO”

But now we are delightful for help by Mr. Nelson. He is a humanitarian in the world and a plan for help for Cambodia.

I am very admiration for his idea because I thought that provided well was important for us to make the film for him show how clean water can help others in poverty. During that time we are working with him we made some video about his project.

It was very nice for us to do more possible work with water wells problem. I knew that it was not the first time for him for fix the well in Cambodia. Therefore he saw many villages also I don’t know how many he fixes.

Hopefully, We are taking more information to understand about Cambodia Water well.

We hope you enjoy the video we made for Mr. Nelson about his project in our village.



Hi everyone to consult with about the well fix. I just learned this expertise from Mr. Nelson. I am very admiration to him that help me fix wells. Normally I can find some free time to fix. That was very different way to get experience for our purpose. I just keep my making films and continue with our education. Therefore that was interesting about water for life.

After  we made a video and now we able to have tools to fix wells and we don’t worry about broken well again. We ‘re loving our project to also increase knowledge in order to develop opportunities. I believed more different good job for everyone that trying hard with their education and keep going.

Essentially, our education very importance so that we continue to success with another video and search more news about them.  We are confidence with our plan.