Hello my name is Soy Sen. I am part of a video project supported by the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Siem Reap Cambodia. We are a youths groups video maker trained by Diana Gross, the Traveling Teacher.   I am a Cambodian student who made the video called Water Wells in My Village.  After that, we continued to make one  information technology video called  “I Am One” and submitted it to Goodtube for the Video Competition.

left to right is sohear, som oun, sen

left to right is Sohear, Somoun, Sen


Four months ago we started to make the video at Chey School with the Traveling Teacher making films to tell our own story to the world. In one week the team made they own stories. But our video was about broken wells in the village. It was not the secreted and not to bragged story for us but those show something always happens every day. We were finished and upload it on the Internet in a few months many audiences around the United States watched it.

Especially, I am so proud of Diana is the good teacher. She came and provides us the bright enterprise and taught with the best skill videos. Therefore many friends and I felt never can tell our story to the world. After we met the American teacher we understand about the technology.

We like this project and we hope more videos can get produced. We need enough equipment to begin the first media company for us. We would like to developing our countries progress.

At first we not believed about this but after a month. What happens? We were surprised that so many audiences like and watched our videos. They also send us comments. It was the happy time for our groups. Those commented were very importance words. It was very honor for us. Ponheary Ly and Lori Carlson are as humanitarian. They helped poor student to school and provided them able to see an other opportunities and another purpose.

Left to right is Sen, Sohear, Som oun, Sopha(Film Festival)

L-R is Sen, Sohear, Som oun, Sopha (Angkor Film Festival)


Moreover The PLF has begun to make a media project and now we can see more opportunity with dignity. Why now we are looking forward to development?  Because, Cambodia was in the wartime. After war Cambodia seems there was nothing, so many people was refugee.

Therefore, there was a lot of poverty. That is a fact; and we want to make the video to tell. Lori Carlson provided us some history videos. This video tells about population death after war. Essentially, this is a first that we made with consequence.

We researched some history about the PLF by interviewing Lori Carlson and made a new Video and put it on Good Tube. We hope can compete in the competition. You can watch it on Goodtube and make us a comment or share to Facebook and give us a 5 star rating. We hopefully, can win a prize so we can create our media lab.

Basically, Cambodia needs to move forward to provide new business for the youths. Half the people in Cambodia are under the age 20, so it is up to us to change country and our obligation to develop ourselves, obviously.

We hope when everyone see our video I hope all of you like it and don’t forget  write for us with the comment and rate it and please share on your face book. Because then we can get points and maybe win!