We are very happy to report that the dormitory is finished and the final step, finishing building the new bunk beds, has begun.

The new building will be ready for new and returning female students to move in during their summer break.  Once the girls have moved to their new home, the existing dormitory will be made ready for housing the male students next school year.

On the left is the old dormitory, and on the right the newly finished dormitory.

Inside the new dormitory

Recently, we traveled with the Kalinich family to visit the students at Srayang and monitor dormitory’s progress.  During our recent visit to Srayang after lunch at Koh Ker Primary School,  Lori gave an impromptu English lesson and then we celebrated Adam Kalinich’s 17th birthday Cambodian style, with silly string and frosting covered faces.  On Sunday, we brought pancake batter and syrup, and after a short pancake making lesson from Ponheary, the girls made all of the pancakes themselves!  While they skillfully ate their pancakes with chop-sticks, Ponheary used the nail polish, clippers and other supplies that were a gift from Chaney and Gail Kalinich to give manicures while the rest of us chatted, played games and put together puzzles.

Pancakes and fingernails

The girls are looking healthy, and seem to feel quite at home in the dormitory.  We are very excited to be able to house more students next year, so that they too have the opportunity to attend secondary school.

By Elizabeth Palumbo