My name is Ravouth. I am 18 years old. I live at the Srayang Dorm in  Srayang Commune at  Preah Vihear Province, 3 hours north of Siem Reap. I live with my housemother, my friends and Torsten.

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I study here where I have a lot of implements for study. We eat three meals a day and stay in the boy’s house. In the dorm I can  study English with Torsten in the classroom. He comes from Canada.

computer class

Students study at the computer lab at the Dorm

I study Mathematics with Teacher Suy in the classroom at the dorm. He comes from Kompot Province. I study Computer in the Computer class. I live with my friends they come from Koh Ker Village, New Koh Ker Village and Romchek Village also. So I am very happy when I study here. I live in the dorm because I have continued to study at grade 7, 8, 9 with the student comes from Koh Ker Primary school, because students in Koh Ker Village New Koh Ker Village and Romchek Village doesn’t have Secondary School. So, the students need to live at Srayang and go to Secondary school.


Students in the classroom at the dorm

My School has four classrooms and one library. Students come from different provinces in Cambodia. The teachers come from different provinces also.  My school is very happy but it very difficult for study also.  My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Physics, and English. Because when I study it I understand it. My least favorite subjects are Khmer literature, Chemistry, Biology. Because when I study it I don’t understand it.

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The school building at Srayang Middle School

And my favorite teachers are Mathematics teacher, English teacher, Physics teacher. Because when they teach me, I understand it. My least favorite teacher is Khmer teacher. When I go to school I am very happy because when I go to school I met my friends and my teachers. The students in Srayang Secondary School are very friendly. They don’t discriminate me although I come from different school. And my family poorer than their family and when I don’t understand about lesson they tell me also. So I am happy when I study.

ravuth in class


Ravuth is in grade 9 this year and will graduate from Srayang in July. He is a technology mentor at the dorm and hopes to work at the new Srayang Computer School (project of PLF Canada) when he graduates.