by Gillian White

Claudia Komminoth, the co-founder of Eyes Open, an organization located in Switzerland, visited us about a month ago to check out PLF’s work. By the time she headed back to Berne, a partnership between Eyes Open and the PLF had been forged. After several visits to Knar and Koh Ker, Claudia deemed food insecurity to be a continuing issue for these students, especially in low season when less supporters would be hosting food drops and lunches at the two schools. To address this need, PLF has started doing weekly lunches at Knar, sponsored by Eyes Open. It was decided that cooking lunch for over 400 students required too many hands. Thus, students are given a baguette, a handful of bananas and a can of fish to eat during lunch. This small amount of food makes a huge difference to malnourished children.

Eyes Open is also sponsoring lunches at Koh Ker school during months when there are few PLF supporters heading up there to cook lunch. These lunches not only address the continuing food insecurity at PLF’s most rural school, but it allows PLF staff to have more of a presence at Koh Ker to address any issues with teaching staff, particular students and at the Srayang dorm.

The added protein that these students get from these lunches does wonders for the students’ health, and allows them to stay in school and focus, not having to worry about their next meal.

Thank you, Eyes Open, for helping us further address food insecurity in rural Cambodian schools.

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