By Travis Thompson

The Ponheary Ly Foundation’s new tech team at Tchey School began rolling out significant improvements by adding five brand new computers to the lab.  This is only the beginning of exciting new programs we’re launching at the lab this school year because of your support.

New computer teacher Chamreoun helps with the latest computer installations.

The five new computers bring the total number  at Tchey to 15. Each desktop is loaded with Microsoft Office and the latest anti-virus equipment.  PLF has hired an entire new tech-teaching team including teachers Sal Chamreoun and Kol Vireak .

We’ve also brought in Diana Gross from the United States to lead and further develop a blossoming student media program for the next year.  Diana will be working alongside another new PLF media teacher, Khoun Sokha,  to implement lessons with video and picture editing, documentary creation, blogging and more.  Diana will help Sokha further build the media program and create a capacity for the Khmer teachers to run the show.

Of course, the improvements to the lab are led by PLF’s resident tech expert and teacher, Sotheara Ly.  Though she spends most of her days teaching at PLF’s Siem Reap lab, she’s been working extra hours at Tchey to make sure the improvements run smoothly.  And, more big tech education improvements are on the way.  We’ll be telling you about those over the coming weeks.

As you can imagine, expanding technology in the Cambodian countryside is not a walk in the park.  The pictures below help to show you a little bit about what the experience has been like.

Thank you so much for making this possible.

Sotheara Ly leads the tech team to Tchey School to install new computers.

Vireak and Sotheara install a new computer.

Vireak dives deep to make sure things are connected.

Diana and Sokha unpack a new computer for the lab they'll be teaching media in.

PLF Field Director Rany Ly helped the team unpack computers.

The Tchey Computer Lab is undergoing a lot of exciting changes because of donor support.