Cambodia is a developing country, recovering from decades of civil war, genocide and occupation. During the Khmer Rouge era all infrastructure was destroyed along with all the schools and hospitals. Change is rapid but there is still a very long way to go. The gulf between the towns and the countryside is ever widening as towns prosper and villages do not. 80% of the population of Cambodia lives in the countryside and for the majority, life is a daily struggle.

For our volunteers, the Ponheary Ly Foundation has put together a “must read”  Volunteer Orientation Guide with background information on what you can expect as a volunteer. We highly recommend you have a look through this, especially if this is your first trip to Cambodia .

We hope before your arrival, you’ll spend some time at our website, watch some videos, read some stories. We hope you’ll come to understand our philosophies and strategies and be able to arrive in Cambodia as “present” and prepared as possible.  Any questions, please ask.