Tchey Media Lab

Microsoft Office: These classes are held from 5-7am at Tchey school. You’ll be leaving the house at 4:30 am each day so it’s not for everyone. The students in this class have a beginner’s grasp of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The class recently received 10 digital cameras, so the insertion of a guest teacher could mean developing an exercise that is centric to photography and the use of images in a document or presentation. Keeping workshops in the computer lab more image based works well for non-English speakers; assisting in exercises that are more language based (MS Office products) can get tricky.


Digital Media Classes: These classes are held in the Media Lab at 7 Candles (where you’ll be staying) or at Tchey school depending on whether internet is needed or not. The students are learning website development, graphic design, photography, videography, social media, Youtube, WordPress, iMovie and blogging. If you have any expertise in these areas, please be in touch with your skill sets and we can promise you a highly enriching experience.

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