A&L Lending a Hand Group has helped PLF with on-going health clinics at Knar School, as well as sponsoring a couple of very well-received solar panels. In 2012, they deepened their commitment and  funded three-year scholarships for 12 students.

“A&L’s Lending a Hand group was developed to help monitor, fund raise and donate the funds raised by A&L and our staff to charities within our community and overseas.

Lending a Hand has developed a close relationship with the Ponheary Ly Foundation in Cambodia. The relationship came about after a staff member volunteered with the PLF in Cambodia and saw first hand the benefit we could provide through donations and sponsorship.

The Lending a Hand committee is made up of both management and staff and when selecting partners or projects, the committee investigates to ensure the support that A&L is providing goes to the right people. We carefully decide to support only people and organisations that can provide confirmation of their funding expenditure.”