For those of you who are following progress on the dormitory at Srayang, we’d like to share news of the girls’ progress. For those of you new to this story, you can get some background here. As the pictures below illustrate, the fence has now been finished and encompasses the entire property. Under the house a classroom has been set up. The girls are having math tutoring and we are looking for an English tutor (any volunteers?:) Behind the house we see the bathrooms, finally completed after a long rainy season.

The house and fence, the classroom under the house, the completed latrine

Some nice looking chickens and their cozy little house. We’ve already got baby chicks and eggs every day!

The girls are excited to have a sewing machine at the house and have been practicing their new skills. We’re especially happy about the solar panel, which keeps them from having to haul their batteries into town to be recharged.

the girls clothes, consisting mostly of uniforms, their new sewing machine and the solar

the garden, which sadly will have to be moved when construction begins

The next phase of development is to build a second house which will have two floors and accommodate 24 girls — the original 11 plus 13 more next school year. The existing house will become the new home of our first graduating (from 6th grade) boys at Koh Ker. In the photo below is the back of the property where the new house will be going up.

We’ve bought the first load of wood, which has just been cut and must cure in the sun for one month before construction can begin. With any luck, we’ll be done before the rain starts! In the mean time we will begin the latrines and hope to raise sufficient funds to put in a water tower so that we can irrigate the property and put in water filtration.

Half of the wood for the project, curing in the sun