July 2010

Long time friends of the Foundation John Stafford and Nancy Curtin arrived in Siem Reap from the UK in July 2010, along with their son Jamie and 2 of Jamie’s friends.

In addition to teaching some classes and funding some lunches at two of the other schools, John and Nancy came to see what progress has been made in the computer lab.

Solar cells being installed on the roof at Tchey School.

They were satisfied to see so many students using the XO’s and doing so well with them. After some discussion about how much the students who had mastered the XO’s would benefit from some “real world” computer training, John and Nancy decided to fund the expansion of the solar so that more electricity could be provided to the lab.

Back when the XO lab was first started, volunteers by the name of Catherine Raisig and Greg Ford came to teach English and were present on the first day of the computer lab opening. At that time they went out and bought mice for all 25 students since they were having such a hard time mastering the trackpad. Catherine assisted teacher Rithy while the first class of pioneers began their lessons on the XO’s.

Catherine and Greg got married in June and chose the PLF as their charity of choice for wedding gifts. Sufficient funds were raised to purchase 10 new desktops running Windows and loaded with the Microsoft Office Suite for the computer lab as well as pay the teacher for the entire next school year.

The XO class at Tchey

In the upcoming school year 20 students who have done well in the XO classes will be moved up to study on the Windows machines. To say they are excited would be an extraordinary understatement!