I’m Teaghan and my friend is Akari. We are both 11 years old and in 6th grade. I speak English and Japanese, and Akari speaks Japanese and only a little English.

Akari and Teagan in the temples

Teaghan and Akari teaching at Wat Bo

We went to Cambodia for two weeks in August, 2009. We saw temples and stuff, but the funnest thing was going to Wat Bo school. At Wat Bo, we visited the kindergarten class for 6 days. Everybody was really nice. It’s really fun. The kids are really funny and smiley. They liked to do arts and crafts and run around.

We taught them origami, Japanese paper folding. We folded hearts, cootie catchers, and we made snowflakes, too.

Before our first day at school, we didn’t really want to go … we were a little nervous. But now we want to go back. It seems like at Wat Bo, everyone is so happy to go to school. That’s different from home in Japan. Now I appreciate my school much more.

Teaghan’s mother Kim with Sochea and his 6th grade English Class at Wat Bo School

Thanks to Teaghan and Akari for taking on the kindergarten class, while mom Kimberly Keefe worked with Sochea’s 6th grade English Class. It was great to have you here with us at Wat Bo School.