This year, our friends at UbiSoft in San Francisco donated 100 laptops to Tchey School from One Laptop Per Child.

An XO laptop from One Laptop per Child.

See more about the XO project on YouTube.

This project was spearheaded by a good friend of the Foundation, Josh Milligan. Pictured below with Josh are Rich and Johanna. Special thanks go out to Rich Kubiszewski VP of Operations and Johanna Hart, Human Resources Representative. Rich and Johanna did a great job coordinating everything and helping make sure it all happened. We also thank Rich for his personal donation to the project at Tchey School.

The laptops finally arrive!

It was an exciting day when the laptops finally arrived, via taxi from their “long layover” in the Phnom Penh airport. In order to make the dream of a computer lab at Tchey School a reality, some off-grid solar will be installed at the school to supply electricity for the lab.  Funds have been raised for this effort and we are in the process of getting that project underway.

These Four teachers for the English II classes at Tchey. Left to right are Rithy, Vis, Savon and Simoun.

In the meantime, there are four teachers at Tchey School that will head up the program and we are all busy getting a curriculum put together and training the teachers.  Facilty improvements are being made at Tchey to accommodate the lab, in preparation for solar power implementation. Tchey currently has no electricity.

The students from the English II classes are the ones who have been chosen for the Computer classes, a total of about 40 students for the first class. Current English II classes at Tchey will be greatly enhanced by the computers when that transition is completed in March 2009.

Korl Sarun, headmaster at Tchey School never dreamed there would be electricity and computers at Tchey.

Korl Sarun, headmaster at Tchey School said he “never dreamed there would be electricity and computers at Tchey” when he took over the rural school in 1979. We’d like to thank Mr. Korl for his perseverance in working with the Ministry of Education to get us all the necessary documents to clear the machines through customs.We are very excited about this donation and extend the thanks of these students and teachers to Ubisoft.

These are the kinds of projects that add a deep layer of enrichment to the educational experience of the children in the rural communities.

Stay tuned for updates on this project!