An organization at Great Neck North High School in New York, called Free the Children has donated all the bicycles for graduating 6th graders at Knar School. We extend to them our sincere thanks.

These 30 bikes were distributed to all graduating 6th graders in the hope it will encourage them to continue on to the secondary school, 12 km from their village.

The photo at left is the officers of the club, headed up by Teacher Amy Nuzzolese. Amy (and David) came to Siem Reap to help with the distribution. In addition, bikes were awarded to the top two students in grades 5 and 4.

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead must have been thinking of Ponheary Ly and Lori Carlson when she said this famous quote.

Ponheary Ly, our guide in Cambodia for the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime and has made it her life’s mission to promote education amongst the nation’s poorest children – the very gift that was once stolen from her.

Lori Carlson of Austin, Texas, has adopted this mission as well and together they have formed the Ponheary Ly Foundation. Over the last few years their combined talents have generated interest from people just like us who want to help the cause.

It may be grassroots but its ripple effect will probably be larger than any of us can imagine.

The New York students raised money all year and some of our family members also helped contribute towards a generous donation that allowed Ponheary and Lori to obtain 30 bicycles for the graduating 6th grade class of the Knar school, in a poverty stricken area just outside Siem Reap.

These kids now have the transportation necessary to get to secondary school next year and continue their education.

We are grateful to all who donated to the project and to Ponheary and Lori who let us into their world to meet some very special kids.