In Austin Texas today, the Equitable Company, underwriter of a television series called “Profiles in Caring” awarded to the Ponheary Ly Foundation their annual “Ambassadors of Caring Award”. This award includes a $10,000.00 grant which we will use to support the teacher’s program. 

The Foundation’s story was brought to the attention of Equitable Life & Casualty because of it’s upcoming appearance on Profiles in Caring, a weekly, half hour nationally syndicated program which highlights the efforts of small, grassroots non-profits, both at home and around the world.

Just prior to the award being formally presented, a short clip was played of Ponheary’s reaction to being awarded the grant by Kimberly Perkins, the maker of the documentary. In it, Ponheary said she would use the money to bring more poor kids to school. to help my country, and to one day see my wish come true, to ‘finish poverty’ in the world.

Left to Right: Rod Ross, Lori Carlson, Kimberly Klintworth, Doug Jardine, Vikki Loving, Skip Jones, Nina Davis and Karen Gutierrez.

When the PLF trucks roll into the schoolyards on the first day of school and distribute supplies, uniforms, shoes, bikes, breakfast and books to kids, we are handing them the keys to their future, the “means”, the tangible things they need to make their dream of education a reality. But more than that, we bring comraderie and compassion. We let them know they are not forgotten. in the gesture of this support, we say “We see you. We’re here”. This award feels much the same to us, and now we are on the other side of the equation. Someone came and brought us “the means” (A $10,000 check!) , but more than that, they noticed us; they said “We see you. We’re here”.

We send our most profound thanks to the crew at Profiles in Caring and to Equitable for this most generous gift.