STUDENT BLOG: Fishing Tools in Cambodia

By Komsorth

 My village is a Khmer village which uses traditional fishing methods. Both men and women fish using a method called “TRU” in the Khmer language. This is an old method using bamboo baskets which are pushed into the water and covered by it. The fish swim into the basket but cannot get out.

The fishing materials

The fishing materials

This method is very useful for my family, these tools are very important in the daily lives of my villagers. I want to learn from my father and keep these traditional methods alive in my culture.

fishing 4 (2)

The children are fishing in pond.

By using these tools and these methods, we are subsistence fisherman and know the importance of having enough fish for the future. We catch just enough fish to eat and some to sell at the market. This method is more than 500 years old and is still used today in many villages.


Here is the thing that can catch fish.


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  1. This is a very interesting article Phlok. Thank you for writing it. I have often seen many Cambodian fishing tools and wonder how they are used. Thanks for explaining it well. Also your photographs are very nice, I like that they are big and I can see the detail of what you are telling in your story. Good job!

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