STUDENT BLOG: Lost Opportunities To Study In Cambodia

By Maly

I am a student studying Grade 8. In school I have the chance to study and learn about the languages Khmer, Japanese, and English. I also study computers, the World Wide Web, Internet and Social Media but I have friends who don’t study at all.


The kid working at home

They think they do not have time to learn but it is the responsibility of the family to make sure their children go to school. This has meant many adults and children have lost the opportunity to study. This makes the future difficult for us. It makes finding a job hard as we do not have the knowledge we need.


The kid follow their mum to work

I hope that they understand the consequences of this lack of study and when they understand this they will not regret that they didn’t go to school. It is important that those people who have an education remind young students that they need to continue with their studies.


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  1. Maly, I loved to read your posts about students and the value of getting an education. I will ask some of my students to read you post and reply to you – they would love to meet you and talk with you!

  2. Well said, Maly! Sometimes children have to work and so have to leave education – but there is a long-term price to pay, unfortunately. Please keep writing 🙂

  3. Maly,

    It is great that you understand the value of education for yourself and your country. I believe that what you do is good and it’ll help you a lot. So, keep writing in your blog. I will ask my students to read it – it’ll be interesting for them.

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