STUDENT BLOG: The Lack Of Study Materials

By Seiha

In the past, Cambodia lacked many study materials. It is best when the government help students to be prepared for school with all of the supplies they need. Sometimes students lack a required uniform or books and their families are not able to buy them.

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The Teacher In The classroom

Some of the material schools in Cambodia lack are: teachers, classrooms, blackboards and chalk, chairs, desks, well and water to drink, benches, English teachers and computer classes. Also schools need toys to entertain the youngest students, gardens, buildings in good repair, libraries and shoes for the children. Students also need to know life skills including music, sport, drug education, how to study and values.

The Activities Of The Students In The Class

The Activities Of The Students In The Class

I want the government to come to meetings in every village and province and to talk to teachers and parents and to see how much we need to provide for the students so they can learn. I want Cambodian students to have opportunities and to be determined.



SheihaSeiha Sunn is 13-years-old eighth grader living near Siem Reap, Cambodia. She has studied technology with the Ponheary Ly Foundation since 2012, and began taking PLF- Media classes in 2013. She enjoys writing blogs; photography and she is looking forward to learning filmmaking in Media III. She has written the Blog “YOUNG GIRL IN MY VILLAGE” In the future. She like to read a story of English languages and photography.

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  1. Hi. I really like your post and agree with you so much. The smartest thing any people could do is invest in the education of youth, everywhere in the world. It’s important in every country to have a government that will commit to education. I hope some day you will be the Minister of Education and can send people to meetings in the village to see how you can help! 🙂

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