By Visarl

Last week my friends and I visited some temples surrounding Siem Reap Province. I have learned a lot about the temples, like history, how people built the temples to dedicate to other people, and the structure of the temples as well.

Bantey Srey Temple

Bantey Srey Temple

For the temples we visited Angkor Wat, Bantay Srey, and Choa Srey Vibol temples which are a little bit far from the town. All of these temples are very beautiful and wonderful for me.

Our teachers had explained to us a lot about the temples, so we are very proud that we were born as Cambodian. All of the temples are very useful for Cambodians since the temples can attract the tourism to come to visit Cambodia. Moreover, I have known about the situation of the people who live far away from the town. Thy life is not the same as people in the town. For example, the way they speak and they act is sometimes different from us. And they have the different jobs like hunter, fisherman, and climb the palm tree.

Break stone

Break stone

However, we feel disappointed as well that some of our temples are almost broken down.

We saw the part of the temple that has the rocks fallen down, some are broken and some are facing with the natural disaster. In the future I want to learn more about the temple and do more research about it.

Visarl, 17, lives with his family in Siem Reap Province. He has studied technology and media with the Ponheary Ly Foundation since 2012, and began taking PLF sponsored Global Citizen Media classes in 2011. He wants knowledge about Video and Photography. On Sunday he likes to go to the Internet cafe to search the hot news about camera Technology. He uses Wikipedia to learn about the how to uses camera. He wants to be a camera man and show his photographs and videos on the Internet so that he can share important things with the world.

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  1. Hi Visarl,
    I enjoyed your report. I had not heard of Choa Srey Vibol temple, so I will visit there on My next trip, Good luck with your studies. Robyn.

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