STUDENT BLOG: Interests in Shopping

By Vanyut

While Cambodia is developing, the people try to be creative and get the attention of foreign shoppers. For example, most Cambodians prepare their shops for looking good and decorate them with good style.

Car advertising

Car advertising

In Siem Reap, the market that gets the attention from many foreigners is Night Market.  Since it is the market that opens only at the nighttime, so it has so many foreigners that go there. However, there are less Cambodians that come to join that shop and most of the sellers is Khmer. This market has a lot of varieties of things such as souvenirs, clothes, groceries, home equipment, and food. More then that it sells service many kids of massage.

For other market likes Old Market, Ler Market, and Samaky Market. It is such as the popular market in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All of the sellers and the managers of the market also try to get more customers to visit and buy their produces.

Moreover, they’re studied about the economic and how to control the market when the global market up and down. Even though it these people cannot prepare and solve the problems but they work hard on it and fix it as soon as they can. For my family usually go to the local market which is located close to my village. We go to big market when we have the ceremony or festival so we go to buy the nice clothes and food for our family.

Store road

Store Road

Also we go there when we have the affair as well. It is spend too much money when we go to the big market, because many families are poor so they cannot buy thing at there. Because the things over thereare standard and little expensive for poor families. So we do not decided to go to the big market if it is not necessary for the families and life.




Night Shop in Siem Reap

Night Shop in Siem Reap


His name is Rakyut. He is 16 years old. He lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He studies in grade 10. His favorite subjects are English and computer. When he has free time, he usually reads the English books and helps his mother to do some housework. His interests are listening to music, watching TV, and going to internet shop to search the information and English language. He is interested in English because it is an international language and when he knows about English, it is very easy way for him to find a good job. In the future he wants to be a qualified teacher of English. He hopes that his dream will come true.



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  1. Hi Rakyut, This is very interesting about your markets. Do you have favorite sellers, or do you just look for the best price when you are shopping?

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