STUDENT BLOG: Challenges of Teaching Computers

By Chamroeun

I am a graduate student in Bantey Srey High School, which is in SiemReap Province, Cambodia. Nowadays I am continuing my education in USEA (University of South-East Asia). I am really interested in technology, so I chose the Information Technology as my subject.

Chamroeun is teachi

While I am studying, I also work as a computer teach at Chey School. I teach Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. I started in July 2012. I can teach computer and continue my education because Sotheara and the Ponheary Ly Foundation support my education. I am really happy with my teaching because I can pass down all of my education to other students who want to learn about the new technology and understand the developing of technology.

Chey Primary School is in the countryside, but students have an opportunity to learn about the computer. More than that, it has Media and Blogging classes for students too. It is very helpful and some students have learned so quickly about the technology since 2011. They also have made  fantastic videos such as ‘Sunflowers of Srayang’ and ‘I Am One’.

Media students

Even though a small group of students use the computer in the wrong ways like playing games and watching video, we simply need to improve these students. I really want to share my knowledge with all the students. For these six youth who do not use the computer correctly, I can change their behavior a little, and they enjoy learning so much. More than that, we have more plans to give rewards to students who try to study hard or get the good result.

All the students are friendly and work hard so much, they respect the teaching and the rules in the class very well. In these ways, it pushes me more to teach them in order to improve their knowledge.

Chamroeon is graduated of Bantay Srey High School in Siem Reap Province. Now he is a student at USEA (The University of South East Asia) and a training teacher of the Pohneary Ly Foundation in a computer class. He teaches computers from grade 7th to 9th. But he still continues to study computer technology through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. If he could go anywhere in the world for a visit, he would go to anywhere that he could see the mountain ice.

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  1. Chamroeun – I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Thank you for helping other students learn about technology. Good luck to you in your university studies.

    Dena H
    California, USA

  2. Very nice post Chamroeun! I appreciate your insight and am very proud of the contribution you are making to your students. A great teacher never stops learning!

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